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About Emma Reed Counselling

Emma Reed Prof. Dip Psy C MNCS (Accred)
Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Emma Reed HypnotherapyMy name is Emma, and I am an experienced counsellor working in Ledbury and Malvern. I am warm and personable, open and non-judgemental, and my intention is to understand what is happening in your life from your point of view. As I share with you my understanding of your struggles, you will have the chance to make new connections and gain new insights about yourself and the challenges you face.

I offer Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling that draws mainly on the following therapeutic models. Person-Centred therapy is based on the principle that you already have the capacity to self-heal. Psychodynamic principles examine how your past experiences have shaped your personal outlook. Somatic therapy explores the relationship between mind and body, and how working with your body can help to process unresolved emotions and traumas.

Counselling is typically a longer-term therapeutic relationship offering safety and understanding. It is up to you how long you wish this process to continue, but we can work together in a way that supports real change and growth.

I work in private practice in Ledbury and Malvern, run a social enterprise counselling outreach project, contribute to the Herefordshire Healthy Living Network and volunteer in a charitable counselling agency in Malvern.

I also offer progressive therapeutic hypnotherapy. I work with individuals and groups, offer deep relaxation workshops, run carers’ hypnotherapy support groups and have a complete corporate package available on request. For more information about hypnotherapy visit

Accredited Registrant member of The National Counselling Society
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